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Ringer Swivels | Circle Hook Fishing Swivel (Live Bait)

Ringer Swivels | Circle Hook Fishing Swivel (Live Bait)

Ringer Swivels

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I recommend purchasing the Live Bait Ringer Ringer Swivel from the options on Amazon.com. 

You want the smallest Ringer Swivel you get so it stays tight on the hook shank. 

If you are a Good Karma Sportfishing Podcast listeners then you will want to order a few packs as I will reveal some new rigging tactics using Ringer Swivels over the next couple months. 

Capt. Ryan

 Brand: Ringer Swivels


  • Billfishing circle hook swivels in 2 sizes with integrated rubber o-ring
  • Size 1 for smaller baits - 25 per pack - fits 6/0-8/0 hooks
  • Size 2 for larger baits - 10 per pack - fits 10/0-12/0 hooks
  • Size 3 for largest baits - 10 per pack - fits 12/0 + hooks
  • Helps to improve hook-up ratio and speeds up rigging time - Used in many tournament wins already

Details: Ringer Swivels offer anglers a time saving and affordable way to rig your baits with circle hooks. These awesome swivels combine a standard barrel swivel with a rubber o-ring. The o-ring allows for fast attachment to your circle hook. Available in 2 sizes, which match industry standard circle hook dimensions. Size 1 matches to small, medium or "dink" size ballyhoo and standard 6/0-8/0 circle hooks. Because of this size, they're perfect for use with Squidnation Slammer Chuggers. Size 2 is ideal for larger pitch baits such as medium, select, or horse ballyhoo. Size 2 has a larger o-ring and will perfectly fit circle hooks from 10/0 to 12/0 and larger. Size 3 is ideal for the largest pitch baits such as horse ballyhoo, Mackerel, and Bonita.

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