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May 2024 Fishing Log Audio Recording

May 2024 Fishing Log Audio Recording

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May 2024 Fishing Log Recording

This audio is a fishing log that I did on an app called Voxer from May 1st to May 14th.
The recordings are all captured in one audio that is a little over an hour long.

The short clips together chronicle:
  • What I caught for each day
  • What I used—baits, line, hooks.
  • How I looked at tides and current—and adjusted
  • What bit—when, and on what.
And more.

It’s a jam-packed hour that is like nothing else out there.

Some of the species I caught during this time frame are grouper, mutton snapper, mahi mahi, amberjack and yellowtail snapper.

Listening to this audio recording will give you unique insight, learnings, and some new tips and things to try when you are on the water so you can improve your catch rate—save time, money, and frustration.

"Loved the recordings as they came through great and the information Ryan gave is awesome for us." —John

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