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Mustad Zippy Jig

Mustad Zippy Jig


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Brand: Mustad

Color: Blue Sardine


  • A bottom-weighted jig for long-distance casting
  • Ideal for casting from shore or from a boat when targeting schooling pelagic species such as tunas and jacks
  • Wide profile causes it to flutter and flash on the drop
  • Draws the attention of predators through both sight and vibration
  • Skips on the water’s surface like a fleeing baitfish

Binding: Sports

Details: The Zippy jig is a bottom weighted jig for long distance casting. It is ideal for casting from the shores or boat for targeting schooling pelagics, such as tunas and jacks. The wider profile of the Zippy jig causes it to flutter on the drop, drawing the attention of pelagics patrolling the shoreline. When retrieved quickly, the Zippy skips on the water surface like a disorientated baitfish fleeing for its life. It can also be worked near the bottom of shallow reef systems in a lift and drop presentation to target reef dwelling species like snappers and groupers

Package Dimensions: 2.0 x 1.9 x 0.4 inches