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Good Karma Sportfishing-The Next Level: Mastering Deep Drop Techniques
Good Karma Sportfishing-The Next Level: Mastering Deep Drop Techniques
Good Karma Sportfishing-The Next Level: Mastering Deep Drop Techniques
Good Karma Sportfishing-The Next Level: Mastering Deep Drop Techniques

Good Karma Sportfishing-The Next Level: Mastering Deep Drop Techniques

Good Karma Fishing Tackle

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Good Karma Sportfishing-The Next Level: Mastering Deep Drop Techniques


Deep drop fishing seasons keep getting shorter every year, and NOAA Fisheries continues to add more restrictions. Now, more than ever, it's crucial to make the most out of your time on the water. Don't waste your time and money with basic techniques that only work under perfect conditions when fish will bite anything, even pink socks. Those days are rare due to increased fishing pressure.

Fish Species Covered:  

Snowy Grouper

Grey and Golden Tile Fish

Queen Snapper

Vermilion Snapper

Yellow Eye Snapper

Mutton Snapper

Welcome to Good Karma Sportfishing-The Next Level, the ultimate guide to mastering deep drop fishing techniques beyond the basics of YouTube. Our new program is designed to provide comprehensive knowledge on everything from migration patterns to identifying the best fishing spots and a whole lot more. If you're looking to elevate your deep fishing game this summer and fall, this is the place to start. This is a 2.0 course so be ready! I am going beyond what has been taught in my previous courses with next level content. 

My promise remains: no "YouTube fluff" or "BS." I'll take you straight to my unique style of dropping, along with some additional "stuff" that veterans of my courses will recognize.

Remember, many people try to make deep drop fishing seem difficult and intimidating. I was once in your shoes, starting as a new charter boat captain without any fishing spots or mapping technology like CMORE Maps. I had to find spots out of necessity and learned to read the bottom without electronic aids.

In this course, I'm willing to share those hard-earned insights with you. By combining my techniques with today's advanced technology, you'll dramatically shorten your learning curve and locate productive fishing spots much faster. Once you complete this course, you'll have so many areas to explore that it could take you years to fish them all if you apply what I teach.
Ready to maximize your deep drop fishing success? Let's get started!

Migration Patterns

Know when to be there before the pictures hit Instagram. Once the photos hit Instagram the bite is over and done. 

Understanding fish migration patterns is crucial for successful deep drop fishing. Our course delves into the seasonal movements of popular species like queen snappers, barrel fish Snowy Groupers, vermilion snapper, yellow eye snapper and tile fish. You'll learn how water temperature, currents, and lunar phases influence these patterns, allowing you to predict where the fish will be.

Hotspots and Lesser-Known Humps-Fish Less Pressured Areas 

Pinpointing the right locations can make all the difference. We provide detailed insights into well-known fishing hotspots and uncover lesser-known humps that are often overlooked. I will show you stuff that holds fish that others have no clue about. Whether you're fishing in the Florida Keys or exploring other regions, our interactive mapping tools will guide you to the most productive areas.

What to Look for in Different Regions

Different regions offer unique challenges and opportunities for deep drop fishing. Our course breaks down what to look for in various locations and learn about the specific depths and structures that attract large groupers and snappers. Learn a few of my techniques, tactics and tricks that will making deep dropping so much easier. 

Deep Jigging for Groupers, Tilefish and Queen Snappers

Deep jigging is an effective technique for catching groupers. Our detailed tutorials cover everything from selecting the right jig to mastering the drift patterns that keep your bait in the strike zone. You'll also learn advanced techniques to increase your catch rate.

Drift Patterns and Interactive Mapping

Drifting correctly can significantly enhance your chances of a successful catch. Our program includes interactive maps that show real-time drift patterns, helping you adjust your strategy dynamically. Learn how to interpret these patterns and adapt your fishing approach on the fly.

Exclusive Details

While we can't reveal all our secrets here, rest assured that the Good Karma Sportfishing Deep Drop 2.0 offers exclusive content designed to transform your deep drop fishing experience. From proprietary rigging techniques to insider tips on gear selection, we've got you covered.

You can either sift through endless basic content, hoping to find a "gold nugget," or spend hours watching YouTube videos that might have one useful tip. Or, you can take a direct path to elevating your deep drop fishing skills with our course. Remember, by the time a technique shows up on YouTube and seems new, it's often outdated. A good fisherman is always ahead of the curve.
Let's go!

And the best part about this type of container is the questions that others ask. Things you may not have thought to think of asking or trying—others tend to ask. Discover unique information that may not have crossed your mind before.

How the pricing works:

The pricing is per 4 weeks. $100 PER 4 WEEKS/$200 TOTAL for the 8 weeks.
When you sign up, you will rcv via email the prior links (Lessons and QAs) along with the private FB Group link as this course is already in progress. The email is sent manually so please be patient and check your spam/junk. 
*The email will come from support@goodkarmasportfishing.com.
Pending when you sign up- for Lesson 3 and 4 and QA 3 and 4, you may be billed manually through Square in order to receive the balance of the lessons.

This 8 Week Course runs from Tuesday, June 25th through Tuesday, August 13th.
Please note the QA #1 will release late that week, it will release by July 5th. 
Each week, on Tuesdays, you get a recording via email with lifetime access:
Week One- Lesson One
Week Two- Recorded Q & A based on your questions from Lesson One (submitted in a private Facebook Group)
Week Three- Lesson Two
Week Four- Recorded Q & A based on your questions from Lesson Two and if you have further questions from Lesson One (submitted in a private Facebook Group)
Week Five- Lesson Three
Week Six-  Recorded Q & A based on your questions from Lesson Three and if you have further questions from Lesson One or Two (submitted in a private Facebook Group)
Week Seven- Lesson Four
Week Eight-  Recorded Q & A based on your questions from any lesson

 *I reserve the right to manage the questions.

*Non-refundable. (If you were in this course for the last run and wish to renew- please email support@goodkarmasportfishing.com for payment options.)

You can cancel after one month if you choose, but you must let us know 24 hours in advance of your scheduled auto bill and there are no refunds.
This is a next level intensive course that will be game changing.
Important- As with all techniques, it may or may not work for you or your style of fishing. You may have to make a few "tweaks" of your own. I make zero guarantees that it will work for you and no money-back guarantees (no refunds).