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How To Rig A Double Hooked Ballyhoo

How To Rig A Double Hooked Ballyhoo

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Does it make you angry when your hooks comes loose and you miss that big wahoo?

How about when the boat next to you reels in that big cow and you missed it?

Or when you cannot find rigged ballyhoo, let alone double rigged ballyhoo, at your bait shop?

I used to miss my fair share and it pissed me off so... ...

Here it is! The exclusive how to rig a double hooked ballyhoo instructional video. 

This is my exact double rig, and I show you step by step how I rig it and what supplies to use.

This is the ballyhoo rig that I use to catch wahoo consistently in The Florida Keys. I have also caught a few large blue marlin on the rig, not to mention slammer bull and cow dolphin.  Often, you need that second hook.

This double dead ballyhoo rig is my specialty. I perfected this over years of trial and error and you will not find this anywhere else.

In this video I show you how I add the second hook to the ballyhoo.  If you follow these directions, and use the exact same tools I use, you will slay some big wahoo.   

If you plan on trolling for grouper or kingfish, this is the ballyhoo rig you need to get the job done consistently. 

You will want to see how I make sure that second hook stays connected. I don't use the standard tools.  In addition, I share the hooks I use.  I have not shared the hook size in a podcast series. 

I perfected this rig, but it took time and a lot of practice to make it look easy. There is something about rigged ballyhoo that will always get you a wahoo bite on those tough days.  Rig it like me, and you will catch them. 

Cost Savings

The cost for rigged double hooked ballyhoo, with the hook outside the ballyhoo, costs roughly $20.00 for a pack of three. This video will save you money as you will learn how to make your own. And it will be better and catch more fish!

Don't rely on someone else rigging your ballyhoo for wahoo fishing.  Step up your game and quit buying pre-rigged ballyhoo.