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Dead Ballyhoo Secret for Catching More Wahoo
Dead Ballyhoo Secret for Catching More Wahoo

Dead Ballyhoo Secret for Catching More Wahoo

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Do you ever wonder how ballyhoo swim so nicely and always get the wahoo, tuna, and marlin to come up to the dredge cams on those YouTube videos?

I can tell you one thing, it is not the lure.  There is secret to how those ballyhoo are rigged, and in this video I show you how it is done.

I had mentioned in previous videos that I do not do much ballyhoo prep for dolphin rigging.  However, for wahoo fishing, I prep the ballyhoo so I get the absolute best action. 

As with all my rigging videos, I want you guys to be the best.  It's also important to recognize the amount of boat traffic, which is then competition for catching fish.

When you are fishing middle moon phases for wahoo, you better be prepping all your dead ballyhoo rigs like shown in this video.  Just saying. 

I hear more guys crying, or on the flip side, only fishing peak moon phases so they look like heroes.

I want you guys to be the best- all the time! So, here is the one tip that will take your dead ballyhoo rigging to the next level, especially when it comes to hunting wahoo and marlin anywhere in the world.

Thank you!  Look forward to seeing your catch in the Private FB Group- Good Karma Sportfishing Podcast.

As with all of my videos, often things take practice and results may vary with fishing as, "It's fishing."  Please note due to the proprietary nature of my videos, there are no refunds.

It's All Good-

Capt. Ryan