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Ask Capt. Ryan

Ask Capt. Ryan

What Barrel Swivels Do You Use for Bottom Fishing?

I love the AFW stainless steel ball bearing swivels for grouper fishing and mutton snapper rigs. I personally use the 110 lb. size. For deep drop rigs I use the a 335 lb. swivel.  Here is the link for ordering these swivels. 

A Stainless Steel Ball Bearing Swivel from AFW is a wonderful thing!  Incredibly durable stainless steel construction makes these a winner.  These swivels are much smaller than their strength ratings indicate.  Each AFW SS swivel has 2 welded rings for strong connections.  We sell these tough swivels individually.  We do this because sometimes, you just don't need 10 swivels at a time.  Sizes range from 110 to 335lbs.  Great for all sorts of applications, from leader ends to stiffrigs, to outriggers and more.


What is the special wahoo lure tying hair you use to make all your lures? 

I highly recommend making your own sea witches.  I purchase UV nylon hair from the Tackle Room. It is the absolute best.

The Tackle Room sells only top grade UV sea witch hair.  Our hair is the same stuff you'll find on some of the top lures in the world.  We offer a wide range of colors in our hair for making lures, and we are open to suggestions.  If there's a color you don't see, let us know and we'll do our best to find it.  Please understand that there are many different grades of sea witch hair available; we sell only the best.  You can find cheaper hair elsewhere, but it is almost impossible to find better hair anywhere else.  Our UV hair is sold in 1 oz bundles and full hanks.  Our hank bundles range from 9-14 ounces; size does vary, but there's a bulk savings.  For standard sea witches, one ounce will net about 10 units, this number increases as you add additional colors to your witches.

For Wahoo lures I highly recommend making lures using crystal hair.

 Sea Witch Hair


Special Crystal Hair for Wahoo Fishing Lures


What Other Wahoo Lures Do You Use?

I have been using Joe Shute lures for years now. 

Special Wahoo Lures

Joe Shute Lures high speed offering is the 10oz Cruiser. Capt. Joe makes this high speed trolling lure with a tough double collar for catching big Wahoo.  The Cruiser is designed for trolling speeds between 8 and 24 knots.  We rig the Cruiser on 480lb SS cable with a single stiff rig.  The cruiser comes in a variety of the most popular Wahoo colors.  This is a great lure for high-speed trolling, as it's extremely tough, heavy, and easy to repair should the skirt become damaged from too many hungry 'hoos trying to eat it.


Sea Witches

I currently make all my own sea witches now, but if I need to buy couple I buy sea witches made by Joe Shute. 


Swordfish Glow Rattler "The Secret"(A golden nugget) 

The AFW glow rattle has been around for years. It is used by some of the top sword fisherman around the world, but not talked about.  I love leaving these little nuggets on pages like this. If you found this hidden nugget, I congratulate you because you did the work. I buried it on this page for reason.  This one I consider a "golden nugget" Congratulations on your find :) 

The Glow Shark Rattle is scientifically proven to call monster sharks to your baits.  The rattle makes an incredible racket as it rolls from side to side.  With sound being amplified under water, it's impossible for near by sharks not to come check out your baits.  These shark rattles glow in the dark as well.  The glow helps to bring big sharks to your bait.  Simply charge under a light source prior to use.  AFW molds this rattle from high impact plastic.  Because of this, it's extra durable and can take a beating.  Overall length is 2-1/4" and width is 1".  Sold individually.  

I can tell you one thing...it is not only used for shark fishing :)


Q-Are These the Exact Products You Use?

Ryan- Yes, these are the products I use on my charters and mention in podcast series. 

Q-What if I don't see a Product that I want to purchase.

Ryan-Sometimes I forget, just e-mail with your questions and I will post up item in the store. 

Q- Hey Ryan- Will you be offer coaching calls?

R-  Never thought about it…but open to suggestions.


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