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Ask Buddha

Ask Buddha

Q- Will the Zen Stick Baits be sold in any retail /bait tackle stores?

Buddha- No, they are only solid on our website so we can cut out the middle and offer you the very best price.  

Q- How did you think of them? (Zen Stick Biats)

Buddha- I had put on my vision board that I needed to find something that helped me catch bigger fish.  It came to me during meditation. 

Q- Hey Buddha- Do you have a real name?

Buddha-  Never thought about it…but open to suggestions.

Q-Hi Mr. Buddha-Do you sell the dredge bars?

Buddha-No we do not sell dredge bars or accessories, just the baits/decoys. We highly recommend purchasing a Titanium Dredge Bar from a reputable online supplier.  We buy our bars from tackledirect.com. 

Q-Hey Buddha- Do you offer technical support with every purchase

Buddha-Every purchase comes Buddha wisdom to help you create the best possible dredge, we want you to catch fish. We can talk on the phone or you can  email your questions. 

Q- What’s your favorite type of fish to catch?

Buddha- Any day of fishing is a good day! So any catch makes Buddha happy and appreciative.

Q- Will Zen Baits work on a dredge built for Salmon fishing?

Buddha-  Great Lakes fisherman use Dredge Teasers to attract Salmon while trolling. Contact us for details.  

Q- Buddha-  I don’t see that you sell any rods but I know they are important.  Is there a brand you recommend?

Buddha- I def agree that rods are very important.  My favorite rods are made by Adrenaline Custom Rods (www.adrenalinefishingrods.com).  They are light weight and yet very strong.  I catch a lot of fish with them.

Q- Hola Buddha-  What’s so great about fishing in The Keys?  Am thinking of taking a vacation there.

Buddha- Ahhh…Love the Keys!  So much variety to catch, best weather and beautiful waters.  Nice resorts, great food/restaurants and other attractions.  Definitely come visit!

Q- Do you include one of your stickers with a purchase?

Buddha- Yes- we have stickers!  We hope our customers put them on their cars, coolers, lockers etc. and it brings them Good Karma

Q- Hi Buddha- I think you have a nice smile and are very cute! Love the beads!!  Do you have a girlfriend?

Buddha-  I will leave that to the universe