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How Fish See Lure Color-Fun Book.

How Fish See Lure Color-Fun Book.

Dr Greg Vinall

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How wahoo see lure color? That would make for a great book(laughing). 

This author has so much out there on the internet. He is obsessed with how fish see color. I like that(laughing). Great book to take on vacation and read on the beach or before taking a fishing charter.  I enjoyed the book. If you are really into lure fishing in fresh or salt water, this is good read and I highly recommend it. If you are looking to learn how to build your own fishing lures. This book is an absolute must read. 

Capt. Ryan


Author: Greg Vinall

Binding: Kindle Edition

Format: Kindle eBook

Number Of Pages: 70

Publisher: Dr Greg Vinall

Release Date: 20-01-2013

Details: (Article, 53 pages, 17000 words)

Most people suck at choosing which lure to use.

For example, did you know that some fish species can see different colors than other species can, and some fish can even see colors that humans can’t?

Did you know that that the colors fish see depends on how deep they are?

Have you ever wondered why fish sometimes charge at your lure, then turn away at the last second without striking?

Would you like the confidence to choose the best lure colors for any fishing scenario?

For the majority of lure fishers, choosing which colored lure to tie on their line is nothing more than a game of chance. Knowing how to pick the right colored lure requires an understanding of how fish see objects and how light and color behave in the fish’s world, and most folks just don't posses that.

I’m fortunate to have spent the majority of my working life in a career that allows me to improve my knowledge of how fish behave, and these days I put a lot of thought into lure color selection. I make my lure choices based on the intimate understanding of lakes, rivers and oceans that my profession as an aquatic scientist has provided as well as my past experience with a fishing rod.

With all that knowledge, I’d love to say that I’ve always made intelligent decisions about what lures to buy or use for a particular situation.

Unfortunately, I can’t say that. 

Like so many others, my approach to lure color selection for many years was little more than a lottery. I caught fish by switching lures a hundred times until I found one that worked, and very often I wasted a lot of valuable fishing time before I started catching fish. The trouble with this approach is that the next time you go to wet a line the conditions have changed and you have to start over and waste time all over again.

I’m glad to say that many years ago I stopped playing the lotte

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