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Florida Keys Sunglasses-Best Quality and Affordable Price

The best saltwater fishing sunglasses. Because I have to wear prescription glasses when I am driving or trolling I wear bi-focal prescription glasses which cost a lot money(kinda sucks to be honest). 

I put away my prescription glasses every chance I get and break out the Rheos brand  now days.   I wear when them when I am bottom fishing or Yellowtail Snapper fishing. I also now remove my super expensive prescription glasses and put my Rheos brand on when I am getting ready to gaff a big fish or bail dolphin. The Rheos fit my head, the lenses are great and best yet they float!

These are the Sunglasses you need, honestly I would avoid spending a lot money on name brand polarized sunglasses. Purchase the Rheos brand glasses.  You will like them.  

Capt. Ryan. 

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